With a small stumble in the first half of the year, the club is proud to announce take two of Time Attack Tasmania to be held on Sunday 20th August at Baskerville Raceway.

A few changes have been made to the rulebook to allow more entrants, as well as adding another class to fit all the vehicles that wouldn't necessarily meet the rules of the other 3 classes.
This will be a non-competition class, mainly aimed at those wanting to test'n'tune or have a bit of fun on track, with times still being recorded.

The classes are: Street Stock, Street Mod, Modified and Unlimited.

What is Time Attack?

 The foundation of Time Attack began in Japan, where tuning workshops would use it as a proving ground for their street-tuned vehicles.

 The basis is One Perfect Lap, with rules mostly limited to safety this allowed for some spectular action on track.

 The format quickly rose is popularity, spawning purpose built machines from tuner workshops.

 Before long, Time Attack had made its way to the corners on the world, such as the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

 For Australia, Superlap Australia was held at Oran Park from 2008; from there, with growing interest and participation Superlap was recreated into what is now known as World Time Attack Challenge, where teams from across the globe come to compete at Sydney Motorsport Park.

 This event has led to the creation of Time Attack in each state: Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and now once again, Tasmania.


Technical Regulations Supplementary Regulations  Poster
Street Stock, Street Mod, Modified Entry Form Unlimited Entry Form  
Entry List - PDF Entry List - Google Event Program

We strongly advise you to read the rule book and supp regs from start to finish, as failing to do so may mean you fail to pass for the event.
Times and Session lengths relating to the event schedule will be clarified closer to the event in Further Regulations.


For anyone entering in Unlimited, you will be required to describe your reasons for entering in the class.
These may be due to modifications to the body, chassis or mechanical, or simply a vehicle that doesn't fit the rules, such as a kit car etc.
Upon accepting your entry, we will send you a form with payment details.


Please be aware this is a non-competition class, think of it as a test and tune class, with times still being recorded.

Anyone that has completed a Tasmanian Super Series or Tasmanian Drift Series round in 2017, will receive a $20 discount on their entry.


The $50 deposit for the Time Equipment can either be paid with your entry, or on the day.


All entries close on Friday 11th August.


Lastly, we would like everyone to direct any technical advice questions to the Time Attack Tasmania Facebook page, the Hobart Sporting Car Club Facebook page or group, one of our scrutineers, or HSCC committee member Alex Bird.

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