It is with much regret that we have decided to postpone Time Attack Tasmania 2017 until further notice.
This is a combination of lack of entries to cover costs and unfortunate timing.

We will be offering full refunds for all competitors, and we are deeply sorry for making this decision so close to the event.

We will be looking for a new date over the weekend and coming days.

Again, we are deeply sorry for this decision.

What is Time Attack?

 The foundation of Time Attack began in Japan, where tuning workshops would use it as a proving ground for their street-tuned vehicles.

 The basis is One Perfect Lap, with rules mostly limited to safety this allowed for some spectular action on track.

 The format quickly rose is popularity, spawning purpose built machines from tuner workshops.

 Before long, Time Attack had made its way to the corners on the world, such as the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

 For Australia, Superlap Australia was held at Oran Park from 2008; from there, with growing interest and participation Superlap was recreated into what is now known as World Time Attack Challenge, where teams from across the globe come to compete at Sydney Motorsport Park.

 This event has led to the creation of Time Attack in each state: Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and now once again, Tasmania.



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